Our ethos here at Rocketbox is to make your business or organisation look as good as it can. Whether this is through brandinggraphic designweb or illustration, we always strive to produce creative that is both original and eye catching.

Some projects require a specific look or extra personality

Our work on producing the 2019 South Somerset visitor brochure also called for some individuality in what is typically a highly competitive and predominantly photographic based tourism industry. We decided early on in the project, that an illustration for the cover would deliver the right style required for this popular 48 page brochure. South Somerset is well known for it’s beautiful countryside – with a mix of rolling hills and flat open wetlands, amongst which you will find a wide range of busy market towns and picturesque villages and hamlets. It was this mix that we wanted to capture within the bespoke illustration.

Rather than base the illustration on one particular view, we developed a ‘conceptual landscape’ that captured the essence of the region and gave a glimpse of what could be found by visiting the area. Through various revisions and additions, a final outline illustration was reached into which we could add a depth of colour that took its hues and vibrancy from the natural landscape.