Our work was on National News!

Rocketbox are privileged to have worked with the team at the National Museum of the Royal Navy on the WRNS Centenary Exhibition. The BBC have been to Portsmouth reporting on the prominence and respect these women deserve as pioneers of equality.

‘Pioneers to Professionals: Women and the Royal Navy’ exhibition reveals the impact of women’s involvement from the 17th century onwards, during both world wars, the Cold War to integration and beyond, to today’s serving personnel. Below is a snippet of our work on TV, courtesy of ITV News.


We worked with team at the museum on the initial branding creating an identity that worked with existing exhibitions and gave a feeling of respect and seriousness of the women working in the Navy as well as a logo that can used throughout their marketing.

When interpreting the information we had a large space to work with incorporating approx 15 large stand alone two sided walls measuring 3 x 3.5 metres. We made use of the superb images blowing them up larger than life, giving a real feeling of impact and presence these women had as you enter the room. Elegant typography and good use of white space give visual emphasis to the text and additional information encouraging the viewer to read and digest with ease. We used vinyl wrap in the final print paying careful attention to the re-use of this exhibition space.

The exhibition was designated in a space steeped in history, with original features such as wooden floors, supports and ancient brick walls. We worked around this space creating a 3D visual, which enabled us to plan exactly key pinch points and places that needed more or less emphasis as well as working around feedback stations and exhibit stands all were considered in the design layout.

We encourage visitors to share their stories and objects with the museum in the form of feedback stations – one traditional and one digital. The feedback areas engage visitors’ by contributing and personalising the voices and experiences. They validate visitors’ knowledge and abilities, while exposing audiences to content that could not be created by staff alone. When visitors are asked to contribute, it signals that the cultural institution is open to and eager for participation.

We designed both feedback stations using 3D software; incorporating materials suited to the exhibition such as a fabric pocket system that holds written postcards. This station was also designed around encasing artefacts, careful attention had to be taken to ensure the protection and conservation of these materials.

The digital feedback area was designed around a tablet operating an APP, which we developed specifically for the museum. Carefully simplifying the UX (User Experience) so all demographics could operate it, and keeping the back-end accessible by the museum for monitoring and archiving of feedback.

The overall experience of working with such a dedicated and professional team has been a pleasure – the outcome is in exceptional exhibition with superb content and of course design.nmrnThe exhibition opened on 18th February 2017, the centenary year of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) formation at National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth.

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