Interactives increase the inclusivity of your content by creating a different medium for learning as well as increasing dwell time, and enhancing understanding by providing
bite-size information. We have used digital interactives in several of our museum installations, often as a way to enable interaction with precious artefacts that can’t be physically handled or displayed.

The scope is endless, so we can design simple interactives to view artefacts in 2D or more complicated interactives that can lead you to an immersive 3D world, enabling interrogation of the artefacts from all angles and showing them in context. We can also design games to draw the user into an immersive world that informs through play. These are often aimed at younger audiences but evidence shows that they are used by all ages.


Interactives to reach all audiences

How you present the information is critical to success. We are experts in transforming your ideas into something that is not only informative but also innovative and beautiful. A beautiful interpretation board does not suit all audiences so we like to ensure that we present information in more exciting and innovative ways. Our creative brains love to design ways of imparting information in hands-on ways through the use of analogue interactives to inspire and excite audiences.

We all see the world in different ways and we make sure that our work can be accessed by as many audiences as possible – we ensure that we use clear language, consider contrast of images and text, use subtitles as well as thinking carefully about the height that we display things at. Interactives are a good way of ensuring inclusivity.

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