Making good use of talent in the studio, excellent client relations and fantastic work produced on time and to budget is vital to Rocketbox’s operations. And, yep, it is important (to us anyway).

We’re always keen to learn – after attending a great workshop on Digital Project Management from the guys at True Digital and Bristol Media who helped define the role of the project manager within an agency especially that of the digital project manager. They provided an excellent breakdown, pros and cons of certain methods plus a few tit bits (thanks). 

We're always keen to learn

Should we implement Waterfall or Agile working methods for project management? All questions we never considered. Having said that we’ve realised we action both in the studio currently. 

Waterfall on the simpler jobs so we can put in place milestones – helps us invoice and keep cash flow going. On larger projects we operate an Agile system – the Agile approach helps us respond to unpredictable issues through incremental, iterative work practices we evolve a project. This works especially well with complex digital projects.