Graphic Design in Somerset

Need a new business card? Producing a brochure or flyer? Looking for bespoke product packaging?

Rocketbox is a Graphic Design and Creative Agency based in Somerset.

Graphic Design is the communication of a product or service using visual means, such as typography, illustration or photography. It may also include copy writing and could be for print or digital use.

We’ve worked on many graphic design projects over the years including;

  • Advertising
  • Brochure
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Catalogue
  • Magazine
  • Leaflet or flyer
  • Packaging

Design and production will include all initial design, planning and concept work - we will supply a range of visual concepts for client selection/critique. We will consider the existing brand and ‘look & feel’ of the complete project to achieve the goals set out in your marketing strategy. We will then build/develop your design based on agreed visuals.

Looking for a Graphic Designer in Somerset?  You’ve come to the right place!
Our experts can produce all your advertising, print or brochure requirements, simply Get in touch for a chat!

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